Raider Team



Scheduled Raider meet competition dates: 


September 28, 2013: West Broward Raider Meet 


October 19, 2013: Everglades HS Raider Meet


November 23, 2013:  COUNTY RAIDER MEET at Camp Elmore, Boy Scouts of America in Davie, FL.


December 7, 2013:  STATE RAIDER MEET.

The objective of the Raiders meets is to provide Cadets a fun, competitive event in six military skills.  The six events are Raider Fitness Test (push-ups, curl-ups, 1-mile run); One-Rope Bridge, Cross Country Rescue (Litter Carry), Obstacle Course, HUMVEE Push, and Academic knowledge in Map reading and First Aid.


The following are supporting objectives:  Ethical values, and good citizenship, leadership potential, effective communication, logical thinking, improved physical fitness, incentive to live drug free, positive self-motivation and management, the skills to work as a team member and motivation to graduate from high school and pursue a successful career.





Scheduled Drill meet competition dates:



OCT 26, 2013: Miami Jackson HS Drill Meet - Cancelled


January 18, 2014:    Monarch Drill Meet


February 1, 2014:     South Plantation Drill Meet


February 22, 2014:   Broward County Drill Meet location TBD

Drill Sequences 6th Brigade
2013-2014 Drill Sequences.pdf
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Color Guard



October 26, 2013:    Canceled.



Rifle Team

September 28, 2013: Stranahan Rifle Meet

December 7, 2013: Stranahan Dual Rifle Meet

February 15, 2014: County Marksmanship Meet

Academic and Leadership Team

October 1-18, 2013:   JLAB Practice round 

October 21, 2013.      JLAB Registration

November 1, 2013:    JLAB Competition